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Application Guidelines

Please Read and Follow All Instructions - Incomplete Applications Will Be Denied

General Information

  • This application is a general inquiry form for requesting services and/or assistance through NFLF.

  • It is not a guarantee of assistance

  • After completing the application you will receive confirmation of submission

  • The application decision process can take up to 30 days

  • Once a decision is made, you will receive a notification of the decision and next steps, if applicable.

Application Instructions

  • INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE DENIED - please make sure to complete all sections of the application

  • We will no longer reach out to request missing information

  • Applications must include diagnosis from the therapist or doctor AND completed order form for the items/services requested (if you need a therapist or a doctor, please state that in the application)

  • Your personal statement of financial need is acceptable. ​Please note: supporting documentation is no longer required.

  • ALL supporting documents (ex: diagnosis/order form) must be submitted in a single submission with this application

You are not alone. Let's make a change together.

Though there is no cure for Lymphedema, it can be managed with proper care and treatments. Sadly, these treatments can be costly and many of them are not covered by insurance policies. Here at Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema, we partner with you to help you navigate this difficult path, making living with your condition easier and more manageable.

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Copyright ©2020 All rights reserved

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