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Lymphedema causes chronic swelling due to trauma or blockage in the lymph nodes which makes it difficult for the lymphatic fluid to drain properly. Left untreated it will cause decreased functions of the affected extremity, increased risk for infections, disability and even death. There is not a cure for Lymphedema. However it can be managed, though treatment is costly and often not covered through insurance.

“Growing up with LE wasn't the most pleasant. I was known as the "girl with the big leg". Leaving doctor appointment after doctor appointment with zero answers caused emotional turmoil not only for myself but to those around me. Even though I was born with LE in 1981, I wasn't diagnosed with the incurable disease until 2013.


However my leg and all of the obstacles which accompanied it instilled the fire within me to create a world where people with LE should not have to feel isolated or ashamed but rather empowered.  I am determined to help people with LE to not only embrace their incurable disease but to use it as a voice to raise awareness. This is my vision. This is my victory. I am Amy."


Our voices will no longer be muffled. Together, we will #winourfight.


Amy Rivera, Founder

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